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Warm Up Your Decluttering Muscles this Winter

Downsizing and Moving Tips Plus Little Bits of Info to Help Your Loved One

Sentimental About Books? Take it Slow

  1. Start small by donating a book or two at a time to a Little Free Library. For help finding one in your neighborhood, enter your zip code in the online map

  2. Before donating a book, fan through its pages to see if anyone has stashed cash or letters inside.

  3. Once you gain steam and have filled a small box, check your local library to see if it accepts used books. Here are a few that do in the Chicago suburbs:

    • ​Evanston Public Library: Better World Books donation box outside near the parking lot.

    • Glenview Public Library: Used Book Store

    • Wilmette Public Library: Friends of the Library used book store

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My Decluttering Secret: An Apron with Pockets

I love wearing my bright pink apron with pockets when I help clients declutter. I keep a Sharpie, Post It notes, packing tape, my phone, and any keys I'm using in the large pockets so everything I need is handy.


Bonus: I got my pretty personalized apron on Etsy; I felt great supporting another small business!

Apron Pocket Tip

3 Workshops for Your Family or Group

Contact me for a workshop tailored to your needs.
We need support and encouragement to do this work! 

Why Hire a Senior Move Manager?

Everything you want to know about senior move managers and more, including, "Why haven't I heard of these people before?" Zoom or in-person. 

Take the First Step to Decluttering

This two-part in-person class makes it easy to get started when you feel overwhelmed by your stuff. Gather some friends, neighbors, or relatives and me for a pretty approach to decluttering. 

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?TM

Whether you’re planning ahead or making decisions after someone dies, the resources from “Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?”™ helps families understand the six key factors for successfully transferring personal property. Zoom on in-person. 

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