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We have a passion for helping older adults. Here's why our clients hired us!


Quick Move

Facing a quick, stressful move from my house of 30+ years to a senior community, I called Melissa for help. She was fantastic; she handled every aspect of the process seamlessly. I literally couldn’t have done it without her.

Mary M., Evanston


Gentle Yet Focused

Melissa is wonderful! She has really helped my mother-in-law get control of her stuff. Melissa takes the time to listen to her clients and helps them make hard decisions in a gentle yet focused way. I recommend Room-by-Room Downsizing!

Marlene S., Chicago


So Many Things to Do

I knew it wouldn’t be easy when we moved. Melissa helped us gather books, family files, and other sentimental items to take with us. But it turned out to be much more than downsizing because I didn’t understand there were so many other things to do. She was GREAT!

Al M., Evanston

Smiley Face Smaller

Stress and Laughter

Melissa accepted the challenge to help me with the very stressful situation of downsizing and moving. She did so with precision, calmness, and patience. During this time, we had some good conversations and even laughter, which made the job enjoyable.

Marthyann B., Willowbrook

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