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Senior Move Managers

The Importance of Senior Move Managers

Senior Move Managers® provide comprehensive senior relocation solutions that address the unique needs of seniors in transition. They help create a customized strategy for each move, including sorting, organizing, selling, or donating unneeded items and finding new homes for prized possessions. By providing emotional support and physical assistance, senior downsizing services ease the stress and make it easier for seniors to relocate with greater confidence and peace of mind—for them and their families. 

In addition, senior move managers are experts in maximizing available space to ensure that living spaces remain clutter-free. Their experience allows them to anticipate challenges and devise creative solutions that make senior downsizing more efficient. This gives seniors the ability to focus on what matters most—the transition itself, rather than the details of relocating. By leveraging their knowledge and skills, senior move managers can give seniors a smooth transition into their new home or lifestyle. 

Calling for professional assistance can be hard for some seniors and families who think they have to go it alone. Senior move managers understand it's a privilege to be invited into your home and will honor your wishes to help with the successful relocation for the senior who is moving. These services provide practical support for the physical aspects of transitioning while also offering emotional guidance and reassurance during this often difficult process. Ultimately, building a relationship with a senior move manager can help ease the transition to the new home with fewer worries—and greater peace of mind.

Room-by-Room Downsizing is your go-to for senior move managers and senior downsizing services in the Chicago area and northern suburbs, including Evanston, IL. We have experience helping seniors make the transition to independent living communities or downsizing into a smaller home. Whether you are planning a big move or are in need of senior decluttering services, we’re here to help make this transition as seamless and stress-free as possible.


The term Senior Move Manager® is a service mark owned by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Only NASMM members are Senior Move Managers®. All NASMM Move Managers have completed required courses in safety and ethics and are screened for insurance. Room-by-Room Downsizing is a proud member of NASMM.

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